28 Days Later… (And Other Non-Sequential Ramblings)

Kind of what my eyes looked like 28 days ago. However, I wasn't craving brains at that time.

Hard to believe that it has been 28 days since my surgery.  It more or less feels like its been several months.  My usual time counter in my head feels like its been thrown off, lost in some never-ending Disney movie.  With all that being said, things are slowly returning to a state of “normal.”  Its not the same  state of “normal” that was disrupted with surgery, but at least its something my mind is beginning to understand and accept.  My eyes have completed most of their physical healing process now.  The task ahead of me is to try and get them to “do thy bidding.”  Right now there is still a bit of a disconnect between my brain and my eyes or at least that is the way if feels.  There are some things I’m already noticing some improvement in and other things I’m waiting for the “light” to come back on. As I’ve said several times before… patient time.

There have been many things over the last week I’ve wanted to write or ramble on about.  I’ll try and keep my thoughts brief, because now you kids with your loud music, and your Dan Fogleberg, your Zima, hula hoops and pac-man video games have attention spans that can only be measured in nanoseconds!  Did I lose you there?

1. You are either with us or against us…

 Last week I had an insightful political discussion with an old high school friend.  If that sounds like an oxymoron to you it should.  Politics is usually one of those things I don’t enjoy discussing because people always believe their view is the only correct one.  In this country you are usually classified as a Republican/Democrat or good/evil… or is it the other way around?  A handful call themselves Independent, (what does that really mean?) but the mainstream establishment pretty much ignores them.

Warren Beatty made a masterpiece about Washington politics that went largely unnoticed.

I became disillusioned with our whole two party system while working in Washington, D.C., almost a dozen years ago.  I got to see quite a bit inside and out while I was up there.  The sad matter of the truth is the difference between most politicians up there was not the (R) or the (D) by their name, but whether they were getting money from this lobbyist or that one.  Yet the “fair and balanced” twenty-four news networks make both sides out like they are polar opposites when in reality they are not.

The truth of the matter is that most people have beliefs that fall firmly in both camps.  However, you have to chose one or the other.  You are either with me or against me… and if you are against me, you are wrong.  Don’t believe me?  Look at your face book feed right now and see how many people demonize our current president.  Now use the timeline feature and go back three plus years and guess what?  The other half demonized our last president in the same way.  

It’s kind of like living in the state of Alabama.  You are either an Alabama or an Auburn fan.    We act as if there is a world of difference between anything related to the two schools.  Many of us go as far as to “villianize” aspects of what the other one does.  When in reality, we are much more alike than different.  And heavens forbid if you cheer for anyone else… it just doesn’t matter (Yes, UAB equals third party in this equation).  Your opinion is of no consequence.  

I'm still not quite sure who I'm stuck in the middle with...

In conclusion, the problems we face as a country do not have a simple right or wrong answer and will remain unaddressed with the current grandstanding, finger pointing, and posturing in which both parties participate.  There are more than just two points of view.  Unfortunately, the system is built to keep a true third, fourth, or fifth point of view from establishing itself in our body politics (Nice try, but no dice Tea Party, Occupy).  This realization keeps people like me, who are truly moderate, disillusioned and un-involved.  So next time you ask… I’m not against or with you.  I’m just watching…

2.  I remember when a sackful from Krystal’s was only about torturing yourself

The “alleged” story of Mr. Brian “T-Bag” Dowling should be a cautionary tale to all of us…  Don’t go to Krystal’s when you are drunk.  Go to Waffle House instead.  I’ve seen many a fool in Waffle House after midnight trying to sober up or just torture their body with “wholesome American food goodness.”

Waffle House is there ANY TIME you need them. However, I'm not quite sure why they have locks on their doors...

However, those waitresses don’t take crap off of anyone.  Flo is going to boot you out or use the “red” phone long before you use your genitals to massage someone’s neck.  Likewise, they aren’t going to let anyone outside of a uniformed professional do anything to you.  They won’t abandon you like that LSU guys friends did in the French Quarter.  In a way, those Waffle House employees are like guardian angels.  Let this be a lesson to all of us.

3.  Weather Radios Save Lives, Get One.

The loss of life this week is no laughing matter.  From the looks from the damage, it could have been much worse.  However, I wonder how many lives have already been saved  this year from a better educated public?  I watched meteorologist James Spann live in April of 1998 when he stayed on the air saving countless lives through the first Oak Grove tornado.  The same can be said for the events of April 27, 2011.

I couldn't agree more, Mark.

However, not everyone is going to wake up to the sound of an approaching storm or to a tornado siren (which is not intended for indoors) or have James Spann break into their dreams telling them to take cover.  A weather radio is designed to do just that.  It will wake you up.  You can even get a weather radio app (which you can customize) for you smart phone for around ten bucks if you don’t want to get a real one.  It helps me rest easier knowing that some computerized voice is looking out for me.

4.  PUNT!

If you have enjoyed the mostly non-sense I’ve shared with you today feel free to follow my blog. (there’s a button somewhere on this page, can you find it?)  I plan on updating it regularly with whatever peaks my interest.  Feel free to comment or email me with any questions.  I usually answer…  Until next time…

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4 Responses to 28 Days Later… (And Other Non-Sequential Ramblings)

  1. Jim Purvis says:

    Very wise and Fair and Balanced

  2. Let all politicians be alloted the same amount of money to spend on a campaign, not a penny more or less and then see the real leaders rise to the top as they are forced to learn to spend it wisely and on things that really matter..

  3. Myra Hocutt says:

    Well spoken, Jeffrey!

  4. Peter Landes says:

    Good job, Jeff – except it’s “piques” your interest not “peaks” your interest – some very well thought out comments on politics and even more important, Waffle House. Keep ‘em coming

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